Martin Swaans, MD

Imaging / Echography physician

St. Antonius Ziekenhuis Nieuwegein - Nieuwegein, Netherlands

Martin Swaans (born 18-06-1981) received his degree in Medicine from the uUniversity of Maastricht in 2005.

After a 1,5 year working period in the Tweesteden Hospital in Tilburg, he became a resident cardiology in the St.Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein. Here, he specialized in cardiac imaging with a specific focus on peri-procedural imaging and three-dimensional transesophageal echo guidance during structural heart interventions.

After a 3-year fellowship he became a staff member at the St. Antonius Hospital. In 2014 he successfully defended this thesis: “Transcatheter cardiac interventions and the role of interventional echocardiography”.

He is a co-director for the CSI (congenital and Structural Interventions) congress, member of the program committee/scientific committee for PCR Tokyo Valves and EACVI Euroecho congress and in the editorial board for the Journal of interventional cardiology.